Brooklyn - Williamsburg Travel Diary

Tuesday 30 September 2014

For my fouth trip to NYC, I have decided not only to set foot in Brooklyn for the first time, (catching up to the hype you know?), but to go all the way and rent an Airbnb loft in an industrial building in the heart of Williamsburg. Which is what the Plateau is to Montreal. So if Brooklyn is already the Plateau of NYC, then Williamsburg must be ... anyhow, I don't need to tell you that the bearded men with cool tattoos density in this area is off the chart.

Even though I have only stayed 3 days in this neighborhood, Brooklyn definitely lived up to my expectations. I mean, look at the view from our loft's rooftop!
Fulfill your rooftop fantasy with this airbnb loft ;)

Just a few more pictures of this incredible loft we had the chance to live in for the weekend.

White bricks, check. Low bed, check. High ceilings, check. Dreamy bedroom curtains, check. Let me move in already.
We were a little concerned about the accessibility at first (we have planned to spend some time in Manhattan everyday), but it turned out that there was Bedford station 5 minutes away from the house, which took us to the center of Manhattan, Union Square station in 10 minutes.  On the first day however, we felt adventurous and crossed the Williamsburg bridge with our luggages: it was awesome because it gave us the time to admire all the industrial building emerging from the other side (the Domino Sugar Refinery factory on the waterfront especially caught our eye, it would be a dream come true to visit it, before they turn it into condos, as usual).

Bakeri was certainly one of the best surprises of the trip. It was without a doubt the highlight of our Brooklyn mornings. These pictures don't do it justice, but you have to try their apple cider flower and raspberry pistachio muffin, as well as their latte (in a large bowl please). After you order, walk straight to the back of the shop, there is a wonderful little garden where you can sip your coffee and sigh at the unbelievable pastries. To top if off, I was under the charm of the whimsical decor and the adorable team in blue jumpsuit and handkerchief tied around their heads. Wake up early and grab your breakfast in their garden, you won't regret it.

Mouthwatering pastries and heavenly lattes. 

I have pinned some of my favorite addresses in New York on this google map.

BAKERI   150 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY

VINNIE'S PIZERIA   148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

THE MEATBALL SHOP   170 Bedford Ave, New York, NY    ---> too crowded, and a little overrated, but still glad I went. Good idea for a small group or a couple.

CATBIRD   219 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY     ---> Just so you know, I want to buy the entire store. Catbird has a wonderful selection of exquisite, delicate jewelry pieces.

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